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The tradition of talk therapy meets the effectiveness of embodiment. I believe that developing a relationship and sharing one's story is an essential part of healing and therapy. I also have found that individuals benefit from developing mindfulness and embodiment skills. Our minds and bodies are involved in our feelings and experiences. When we are trying to more effectively manage our big feelings, it is helpful to learn to be present with, and even welcome in uncomfortable states. Many of us fall into patterns of reactivity toward our expected feelings and states.  This leads to all kinds of negative thinking patterns, behaviors, and addictions. This means learning to bear witness, tolerate, be present for all of life's circumstances as they happen. I tailor this work uniquely to my clients needs and goals, and aim to find the right balance of verbal communication and skill-building.

Clients learn methods to self-soothe, consciously relax, and develop compassion for oneself and others.

Integrative Yoga Therapy

If you are interested in working together, please reach my directly at:

You can also leave me a voicemail at 617.431.6396

I look forward to connecting with you.

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