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Philosophy & Approach


I am  a skillful, compassionate, and intuitive, therapist and yoga teacher. My clinical and therapeutic practice is rooted in mind-body principles. I believe in the "top-down" approaches of psychotherapy, meaning using talking and thinking strategies for change. I also believe in the "bottom-up" skills of yoga, breathing, and other mind-body strategies.

Our emotional experiences are intimately tied to our bodies. When we experience big feelings, it's typically not between our ears. The feelings and experiences associated with trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders, are full fledged, physiological responses. These experiences are interrelated with our heart rate, respiration, hormones, gastrointestinal tract, immune system, and a host of other physiological responses.


There is ample research illuminating the impact of stress and mental health issues on the body. A summary can be found here. There is also a growing body of research demonstrating the impact of yoga on health. A summary of the research can be found here

I believe in the innate wisdom and healing abilities of each and every person I work with. My work is dynamic, collaborative, and strength's based. 

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